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Review: Kit’s Reporter Set

This week I bought Kit’s BeForever Reporter Set on eBay for a good price. I was excited to get the camera, because it’s similar to the ones that my grandmother would have used in the 1930s and 40s.
20170214_073945_32072507714_o.jpgIn addition to the camera, the set came with a camera case, notepad and pen, cloth bag, box of film, and photo stickers. Now, in general, I have to say that I find the BeForever line hit or miss in terms of quality. I like some items in Kit’s Reporter Set, but I’m not so impressed with others. After seeing the set in person, I debated returning it. But then Kit heard that her photos had made the Cincinnati Register, and she couldn’t wait to get her hands on a newspaper!


The tiny newspapers are so cute! But of the accessories Kit is holding, that’s the only one that I like. (If you don’t mind a little DIY, you can find printables to create her newspaper for yourself. Check out the tutorial by Rudy at AGI). I don’t like Kit’s sticker photos. You can’t really do anything with them, since Kit doesn’t have a photo album to stick them in. AG used to make an adorable photo album for Kit, which came with the old “Kit’s Camera” set. I wish that I could get that version! But alas, it’s retired and sells for way too much. I’d have preferred non-sticker photos with this set. The stickers will just sit in the box.

Kit’s note bag… where do I begin? Kit’s bag looks like a cheap toy, not a historical reproduction. Why, oh why, does the strap have velcro? Are kids having that much trouble putting a darn bag over a doll’s arm? What is with the color scheme? I don’t like it at all. It will be staying in the box with the photos. Kit seems to like it though, so don’t tell her that I said so 😉

20170214_134350_32074822324_o.jpgAfter her excitement calmed down a little, Kit recruited Addy and Molly to do some reporting. Soon they were all having so much fun that I couldn’t imagine taking their new toys away from them. It turns out that Addy really loves photography, even though cameras like Kit’s weren’t yet invented in 1864. A little time-traveling never hurt anyone.

This camera is AWESOME. I really, really love it. It looks adorable in the doll’s hand or sitting beside her. I love that it’s a historically accurate reproduction of the type of camera that Kit (or even Molly) might have used. I might have gotten a defective one, because sometimes I have a hard time getting it to close. Or perhaps it’s just cheaply made and will break soon. If it broke I would probably buy a replacement, because that’s how much I love this camera!

While Addy discovered her love of photography, Molly was happy to borrow Kit’s pen and notepad to take diligent notes. She’s always loved to write, so reporting came naturally to her.

Yes, Kit is barefoot. It’s the Depression!

The notepad is cute, but the pen is adorable! It took me a little while to realize that the cap goes on and off. Now that’s the kind of attention to detail that I expect from American Girl!

Summary: This set, like I said, is hit and miss. The camera, film, notepad, pen, and newspapers are all adorable and seem to be good quality (though the camera seems like it will break easily). The case for the camera is cute, but it’s made of plastic, which I dislike for its historical inaccuracy. I don’t like the note bag (cheap!) or the stickers/photos (since there’s no album to stick them in).

In the end, I decided to keep the set. These girls make a good team, don’t you think?



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