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Meet Miss Melody!

I am so excited to welcome Melody into my collection. She was a present to myself for meeting some goals at work, and she arrived yesterday, just around the time that I finished up two long-standing projects. Serendipity!

Addy and I spent yesterday working from home and awaiting Dee-Dee’s arrival.

She’s here!!! After I had sent off my second project, my husband asked “Did your doll arrive?” When I said yes, he laughed and said “So THAT’s why you’ve had that grin on your face all day!”

I’m so happy that she made it home before today’s snowstorm. She gets to try out her fabulous winter dress and coat, rather than sit in a cold box in a sleeveless dress. Welcome, Melody! You’re perfect!

UPDATE: Addy Welcomes Melody to the collection

Addy was going for a walk in the fresh snow after the blizzard. When she got home, she saw a friendly face waving to her from the doorway. It was the new doll, Melody! Addy ran over to say hello.

The two girls went inside to chat in the cozy warmth of their new home. Melody told Addy about the many ways that she and her family had contributed to the fight for Civil Rights. “Wait…” said Addy. “What year did you say you’re from? 1964? Surely in 100 years we’ll have achieved equal rights for black people!”

Addy gave Melody a big hug. “No matter what, I’m happy you’re here!” She said.

UPDATE: More Melody pics!

xoxo Toni


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