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Coffee in Josefina’s World

I love coffee! But would my historical AG dolls have loved it, too? This is my second installment in a series of posts investigating coffee in the historical dolls’ worlds. The first post looked at coffee’s rise to popularity in Felicity’s Revolutionary America. Today I head forward in time to explore coffee’s place on the… Continue reading Coffee in Josefina’s World

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Review: Josefina’s Riding Outfit, Mattel vs. PC

Josefina is one of my absolute favorite dolls to display. I love her entire collection, which has such a gorgeous mix of patterns and earth-tone rainbow of colors. My Josefina is a late 90s transition doll. She was a birthday present in my teens. After I got her, my family went through a period where… Continue reading Review: Josefina’s Riding Outfit, Mattel vs. PC