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Coffee in Josefina’s World

I love coffee! But would my historical AG dolls have loved it, too? This is my second installment in a series of posts investigating coffee in the historical dolls’ worlds. The first post looked at coffee’s rise to popularity in Felicity’s Revolutionary America. Today I head forward in time to explore coffee’s place on the… Continue reading Coffee in Josefina’s World

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Review: Josefina’s Riding Outfit, Mattel vs. PC

Josefina is one of my absolute favorite dolls to display. I love her entire collection, which has such a gorgeous mix of patterns and earth-tone rainbow of colors. My Josefina is a late 90s transition doll. She was a birthday present in my teens. After I got her, my family went through a period where… Continue reading Review: Josefina’s Riding Outfit, Mattel vs. PC

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Meet Miss Melody!

I am so excited to welcome Melody into my collection. She was a present to myself for meeting some goals at work, and she arrived yesterday, just around the time that I finished up two long-standing projects. Serendipity! Addy and I spent yesterday working from home and awaiting Dee-Dee’s arrival. She’s here!!! After I had sent… Continue reading Meet Miss Melody!

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Old Doll, New Tricks part 2: To Re-wig or Not to Re-wig?

It’s been a gorgeous President’s Day weekend on the east coast, which is the perfect time for a dolly makeover! This is my second post documenting the restoration of my early PC Molly doll. In part 1 we went easy, and tried to clean up Molly’s complexion. But in part 2, I make a more drastic change —… Continue reading Old Doll, New Tricks part 2: To Re-wig or Not to Re-wig?

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Coffee in Felicity’s World

I wanted to share my love of coffee with my AG dolls by getting them their very own (historically accurate!) coffee sets. But I didn’t know the first thing about the history of coffee. Would my AG dolls have drank coffee as obsessively as I do? How would they have prepared it? Starting with Felicity, I investigate how AG historical dolls might have took their cuppa.

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Old Doll, New Tricks Part 1: Molly’s Makeover Begins

Molly has been with me since 1989. Over my childhood, she helped me to weather my parents’ divorce, births, deaths, illness, three moves, and many rainy days. We went on trips together, played outdoors together, and she regularly slept by my side. 27 years of love and life experience have left her a little worse for… Continue reading Old Doll, New Tricks Part 1: Molly’s Makeover Begins

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Review: Kit’s Reporter Set

This week I bought Kit’s BeForever Reporter Set on eBay for a good price. I was excited to get the camera, because it’s similar to the ones that my grandmother would have used in the 1930s and 40s. In addition to the camera, the set came with a camera case, notepad and pen, cloth bag,… Continue reading Review: Kit’s Reporter Set